Hotel employees: A systematic literature review

Sérgio Borralha, Saul Neves Jesus, Patrícia Pinto, João Viseu


With the increase of studies on hospitality professionals over the last years, it is essential an assessment of these works. This review was conducted by accessing the databases Web of Knowledge, Web of Science (Social Sciences Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, Medline), and Science Direct. We searched for articles published between 2000 and 2014, crossing the keywords “hospitality”, “tourism”, and “hotel” with the keywords “professionals”, “employees”, and “workers”. Our goal was to collect and identify the most studied variables on hospitality employees. From this research resulted 3700 initial references, being selected 242. We verified that work satisfaction was studied in 51 articles and stress, burnout, and mental exhaustion in 31, and for that reason this review aggregates and analyses its’ results. This review has implications in the analysis of the roll of these variables in hospitality and tourism economic profitability, human resources management policies, and individual well-being. 


systematic review; hospitality; professionals; attitudes

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