A avaliação da aplicabilidade do sistema de gestão de recursos humanos nipónico em Portugal

Felipa Lopes dos Reis


This article arises from the investigation carried out in my PHD Thesis, in which the main objective was to evaluate the applicability of the Japanese human resources system in the corporate environment in Portugal.

It was intended to evaluate the competitiveness results in companies with and without Japanese capi­tal, when the Japanese human resources system is used. To carry out this investigation it was used two databases: one with an economic pers­pective, dealing with the performance of the corporate producti­vity within the economic, salary and technological; the other database was based on the patterns of human resources management used by the companies, using a questionnaire as an investigation tool.

Based on statistical testing, it was verified that companies with Japanese capital, act using competitive strategies based on costs, human resources qualification, and technological progress.


Human Resources, Economic Productivity, Workonomic Índex, Technological Progress.

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