Indoor Air Quality in the Hotel Industry

João Miguel Encarnação


The tourism sector has to continuously meet up to new challenges, the most demanding conditions and respond to the personal needs of each client. Within this scope is the indoor environment of hotel units, which must provide the adequate conditions for human comfort, free of public health risks or hazards and the conditions for productivity enhancement.

Recently, comfort and indoor air quality issues have become a major concern not only to potential clients, but also to professionals of the sector who want to insure the best accommodation conditions and continuously improve the productivity of their human resources.

In an ever demanding market economy, the tourism sector has to respond to high standards of excellence and closely observe the emerging needs of the modern society. To invest in the analysis of comfort levels and indoor air quality, represents a valuable asset that can make the difference for a company's competitiveness.


Tourism; Hotels; Indoor air quality; Comfort, Healthy environment.

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