La Gestión del Conocimiento en las Organizaciones


  • Alfonso Vargas Sanchez Universidade de Huelva
  • Maria Jesús Moreno Domínguez Universidade de Huelva


Knowledge Management, Programmes, Organizations, Management


In the New Economy the knowledge replaces the capital as a critical recourse and, as a consequence, the organizations are forced to gene-rate knowledge and to develop processes that allow its identification, processing, distribution, storage and maintenance (Knowledge Management).

With this work we will handle, in a theoretical first part, the concept and the steps to follow in a Knowledge Management project. While in the practical part we analize, from recent investigations (period 2002-2005) about Knowledge Management programmes applied in different organizations, the main conclusions found in each study with the aim of, on the one hand, verifying if the advices about managing the knowledge in the different authors dealt are in consonance with reality; and, on the other hand, to learn from the experience of others and to propose some useful performance lines for every organization which decides to undertake the “adventure” of Knowledge Management.

Author Biographies

  • Alfonso Vargas Sanchez, Universidade de Huelva

    PhD in Management

    Full Professor in the University of Huelva

  • Maria Jesús Moreno Domínguez, Universidade de Huelva

    PhD in Management

    Associate Profesor in the University of  Huelva






Business/Management: Research Papers

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Vargas Sanchez, A., & Moreno Domínguez, M. J. (2005). La Gestión del Conocimiento en las Organizaciones. Tourism & Management Studies, 1, 139-151.

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