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Posted: 2015-10-06

Web of Science's All Database Citation Reports


According to Web of Science's All Database Citation Reports, our journal received 135 citation in the last 3 years, with an average of 45 citations per year. The average citation per article was 0,85. 

Top 5 papers with highest scores:

1- Paper: Satisfacción, lealtad y colectivismo en destinos culturales; Authors: Manuel Rey Moreno, Cayetano Medina Molina, Ramón Rufín Moreno; Times cited: 9; Average citations per year: 3.

2- Paper: Factores con un especial impacto en el nivel de innovación del sector hotelero español; Authors: Antonio Manuel Martínez-López, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez; Times cited: 6; Average citations per year: 2.

3- Paper: Influential factors in the competitiveness of mature tourism destinations; Authors: Margarida Custódio Santos, Ana Maria Ferreira, Carlos Costa; Times cited: 5; Average citations per year: 2,5.

 4- Paper: Retos estratégicos de la industria hotelera española del siglo xxi: horizonte 2020 en países emergentes. Authors: Germán Gémar Castillo, José A. Jiménez Quintero; Times cited: 5; Average citations per year: 1,67.

 5- Paper: Empirical analysis of the constituent factors of internal marketing orientation at Spanish hotels; Authors: José Luis Ruizalba Robledo, María Vallespín Arán; Times cited: 4;  Average citations per year: 2.

Source: Web of Science (All Database Citation Reports)


Posted: 2015-09-18
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Table of Contents

Tourism: Scientific Papers

Motivation and tourist satisfaction in wine festivals: XXXI ed. wine tasting Montilla-Moriles, Spain PDF (SP)
Jesús Claudio Pérez Gálvez, Guzmán Antonio Muñoz Fernández, Tomás López-Guzmán Guzmán 7-13
The stakeholders influence in the environmental management of the hotels of Algarve PDF (PT)
Margarida Arraes Viegas 15-24
Why do the Spanish hotels fail?: a study of its determinants PDF (SP)
Milagros Vivel-Búa, Rubén Lado-Sestayo, Luis Otero-González 25-30
The information and communication technologies on the productivity of Portuguese hotel sector PDF (PT)
Cidália Maria Leal Paço, Juan Manuel Cepeda Pérez 39-46
State of art in tourist destination governance PDF (SP)
Françoise Queiroz, María-Ángeles Rastrollo-Horrillo 47-55
Corporate governance and tourism: application to the legal system of regional tourism entities in Portugal PDF (PT)
Virgílio Miguel Rodrigues Machado 57-63
Analysis of the relationship between the satisfaction of consumers and the prices offered on site PDF (PT)
Igor Roberto Borges, Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira, Celso Augusto de Matos, Miriam Borchardt 64-70
The World Youth Day 2013: The economic impacts of spending pilgrims in Rio de Janeiro City PDF (PT)
João Evangelista Dias Monteiro, Osiris Ricardo Bezerra Marques 71-77
Tourist behavior of visitors of the National Park Serra da Capivara PDF (PT)
Rafael Fernandes de Mesquita, Laelson Rochelle Milanês Sousa, Fátima Regina Ney Matos, Ana Luiza Almeida do Monte 78-85
Barriers to hotel entrepreneurship: a sector analysis PDF (SP)
Rubén Lado-Sestayo, Milagros Vivel-Búa, Luis Otero-González, Isabel Neira-Gómez 86-92
Brand image of the region Center of Portugal as seen by its residents PDF (PT)
Manuel Gouveia, Teresa Aragonez, Irina Saur-Amaral 93-102

Management: Scientific Papers

The psychological determinants of the green consumer PDF (PT)
Fernando Oliveira-Brochado, Ana Oliveira-Brochado, Tiago Caldeira 104-111
Collaborative relationships and performance: an analysis from the customers’ perspective PDF (PT)
Ramon Silva Leite, Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes, Roberto Giro Moori 112-119
Capital structure of Portuguese manufacturing industry SMEs: an analysis with panel data PDF (PT)
Fernanda Matias, Celísia Baptista, Leonor Salsa 120-129
Ownership structure and value creation in Brazilian companies PDF (PT)
Elenice de Lourdes Corrêa, Wendel Alex Castro Silva, Juliano Lima Pinheiro, Alfredo Alves de Oliveira Melo 130-137
Portuguese manufacturing industry: determinants of new firm entry PDF (PT)
Georgette Andraz, J. Sant’ana Fernandes, Cristina Gonçalves, J. Rodrigo Guerreiro 138-145
The evolution of the sectoral concentration in Portugal between 1995 and 2006: the Herfindahl-Hirschman index perspective PDF (PT)
Elsa de Morais Sarmento, Alcina Nunes 146-158
Decentralization of public services in continental Portugal: the PAC efficacy PDF (PT)
Maria de Fátima Verdelho Fontoura, Paula Odete Fernandes 159-166
Organizational antecedents of service quality: a model of structural equations PDF (SP)
Alejandro Orgambídez-Ramos, Maria Helena de Almeida 167-173
Social media in public sector: a study about the use of Facebook by municipalities in the Reconcavo region in the Bahia State, Brazil PDF (PT)
Adriano Santos Rocha Silva, Emmanuelle Fonseca Marinho de Anias Daltro, Ernani Marques dos Santos, José Henrique Paraguassu Oliveira 174-181
Analysis of the relationship business growth and profitability in Brazil PDF (SP)
J. Daza Izquierdo 182-188
Decision anchors: a study on pricing of original products and replicas PDF (PT)
Jefferson Rodrigues Pereira, Caissa Veloso e Sousa, Gustavo Rodrigues Cunha, Wendel Alex Castro Silva, Eulene Aparecida Machado 189-196
Marketing Information Systems: An integrative view PDF (SP)
Jesús Manuel López-Bonilla, Luis Miguel López-Bonilla, Jesús C. Peña-Vinces 197-203
The accounting of deferred tax assets in the USA and Europe and its effects on the investor PDF (PT)
Patrícia A. Marrinhas da Costa, Cláudio A. Figueiredo Pais 204-210
Perception of human resources management policies and organizational commitment: the mediating role of perception of organizational justice PDF (PT)
Renata Gomes de Jesus, Diva Ester Okazaki Rowe 211-218
The influence of intellectual capital on job satisfaction: a structural model applied to a credit cooperative PDF (PT)
Carmem Teresa Leal, Carlos Peixeira Marques, Carla Susana Marques, Elizomar Braga Filho 219-225
The role of gender and occasion on the frequency of wine consumption PDF (PT)
Carlos Peixeira Marques, Ana Teresa Bernardo Guia 226-233