Financiación Local en España

Ana Luque Cortella


The Spanish Constitution recognizes the autonomy of the local Finance to manage its interests and simultaneously it establishes that the State must guarantee sufficient means to them for the exercise of their own competitions. Nevertheless, financing of the local Administration in Spain has been traditionally one of the pending subjets of our system. Against this background, the attempts of our legislator have been several to form a financing system that could give the answer to the necessities of these organizations by means of the increase of the tributary resources and the elimination of the causes of the municipal deficit. The effective local financial system in Spain is regulated in the Real Decree 2/2004, of 5 of March, that tries to guarantee the financial sufficiency of the local Finance, recognizes a greater municipal fiscal coresponsibility and designs a definitive system of stable financing in the time, that gathers the ponderaciones that define the municipal financing.


Financing System, Financing of the Local Administration, Municipal Financing, Local Financial System, Spain

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