Collaborative relationships and performance: an analysis from the customers’ perspective

Ramon Silva Leite, Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes, Roberto Giro Moori


From the Relationship Marketing perspective, several studies identified positive effects of long-term relationships on suppliers. However, considering this perspective comprises win-win relationships, the effects of these relationships on customers are poorly analyzed. This paper empirically tests the existence of a positive correlation between collaborative relationships with suppliers and performance of customers (footwear industries), as well as the antecedents of these relationships. The research considered a sample of two hundred and eleven industries. The data were analysed with quantitative techniques, including the structural equation modeling. The results indicate that communication and commitment influenced the collaborative relationships in a positive and meaningful way. The same results also indicated that collaborative relationships contributed for better customer performance. Based on these results this paper concluded that the form of relationship between industries and their suppliers influences their performance


Collaborative relationships, performance, commitment, trust, structural equation modeling

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