Analysis of the relationship between the satisfaction of consumers and the prices offered on site

Igor Roberto Borges, Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira, Celso Augusto de Matos, Miriam Borchardt


This paper investigates the influence of customer satisfaction (expressed in online assessments) on the prices offered by hotels in the website The aim of this study is to analyze if the satisfaction of guests with items such as location, comfort, cleanliness and services are associated with the prices charged by hotels. For both, a quantitative survey was conducted with 5,459 cases based on 499 hotels in 25 different countries. Online assessments recorded on the website were analyzed in order to relate them to the price charged by hotels for rent rooms. The results indicate that the different quality attributes of services and available on the website researched, what puts in doubt their inclusion in models with a view to maximize the revenues


Price, social media, quality, satisfaction, hotels

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