Turismo e Transfigurações Culturais

Figueiredo Santos


The modern transformations of culture have evidenced fragilities and limits that suggest ambivalences inside which we know and experience our reality. Such phenomena seem to gain a particular meaning in the way where culture functions as an operator of touristic agency. Therefore the article proposes to question the emergent concept of cultural tourism, of associating it with an operative picture of life styles composition [i], looking to formulate the problem it in its interlocution with the modern experience, in a scenery where the transfigurations of culture, and the touristic ways of its transaction, associated to new contexts of globalization and mediatisation, are incorporated in the hibridity of the contemporaneous experience and to the regression over absolute identity. Abandoning essencialistic primates of identity, it considers that this formulation must be observed considering the intensification and widening of the phenomena such as the mediatisation, the consumption and the leisure, which act as modifiers of the cultural construction ways, of the formation of identities and of modelling in the relations between individuals, groups and institutions in different places of the planet.


Cultural Tourism, Identity, Objectivation, Tourism Criticism

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