Relações interorganizacionais no Turismo – Parceria entre operadores turísticos alemães e os agentes da oferta algarvia

Ana Maria Ferreira, Carlos Costa, Margarida Custódio Santos


Academics and intervenients in the sector recognize in partnership capacity to solve some of the problems faced by organisations and destinations. However, the formation of long lasting and productive partnerships is not a simple task. The partnerships are affected by several problems, such as lack of trust, participation, commitment, coordination, deficiencies in the quality of communication and in the exchange of information or not using conflict resolution techniques. The cross-referencing of supply data with that of demand shows that the differences in the perception of the reality of the Algarve may seriously compromise the success of a partnership to co-ordinate the image of the Algarve to be transmitted to the German market.


Interorganizational Relationships, Tourism, Destination Image, Algarve, German Tour Operators

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